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From where did you obtain these 50,000+ essays?
All 20,000 of our essays were professionally written by contractors for our company-  located at 38 Parry Drive, Hainesport, NJ 08060. Our company was first established in 1994 and we have provided our services to hundreds of thousands of students worldwide since we began. We employ and contract only the highest caliber of expert researchers with years of experience working in various fields including education, writing, and research. 

What exactly constitutes a "page"?
There are 225 words of research, information, and ideas on each and every page! All of our essays were created using either the standard Courier or Courier New 12pt. font and are double spaced with standard one-inch margins. We charge by the page, so it is important that our customers are clear as to precisely how many words of information constitute each page. Remember, we only charge for FULL pages and all bibliographies  are free and filled with scholarly sources, journals, books, & articles! 

How do I look at an essay before ordering it?
Just click the email us button below and tell us the .wps file name(s) of the essays you wish to preview! Full page examples from any research essays you request are sent via email within just a few hours! We don't limit the number of excerpts a student may see but requests for large quantities of excerpts may slow down the process a bit! Please try to keep your requests for excerpts to a maximum of three at a time!

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